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Music Administration

What We Do

Under the terms of our Administration Contract, Blades Music Ltd will provide, as required, the following services relating to your songs:

  • Register your compositions with PRS, and collect songwriting royalties on your behalf from media broadcast and other public use of them,

  • Register your live performances with PRS and collect performance royalties of your compositions,

  • Register your compositions with MCPS and collect mechanicals royalties on your behalf on recordings of them,

  • Create a performer account with PPL,

  • Register your recordings, and contributing performances by all musicians on your recordings, with PPL,

  • Collect all performance royalties from PPL and distribute them accordingly.

In addition:

  • Negotiate with overseas PROs, directly or indirectly, to collect your foreign income,

  • Negotiate and issue licenses,

  • Draft agreements,

  • Create royalties statements

  • File infringement suits or negotiate settlements,

  • Collect royalties from any other sources on your behalf.

How It Works

Under an Administration Agreement with Blades Music Ltd., a songwriter and/or artist grants the exclusive right to administer some or all of their songs on an ongoing rolling contract. The agreement can be terminated at any time with 28-days notice, leaving themselves free to work with other publishers, or collect royalties directly after this time.

This is a non-restrictive agreement allowing you retain ownership of your copyrights. 90% of the income collected is paid directly to you, with the remaining 10% percent retained by Blades Music Ltd. to cover our time and costs.

In addition, your songs can be pitched to artists for cover placements, and sync deals (film/TV/adverts, etc) where appropriate. If Blades Music Ltd. secure such use for any of your songs, a new agreement is set up for those specific song(s) with a higher percentage cut paid to the publisher (30%) which is the incentive for Blades Music Ltd to go out and try to generate the additional income for you.

Interested is Blades Music handling your music administration? Contact us!

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