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Blades Music is an independent music publishing company
based in South West England

"A good publisher seeks out great music and great composers and songwriters, supports composers and songwriters in the creative process, promoted their catalogues across a variety of platforms, manages the business exploitation of the catalogues (including the registration of works and the collection of all due royalties) and generally seeks to protect and enhance the value of their works with passion and professional commitments."

This is the Music Publishers Association's definition of a good publisher. At Blades Music, we strive to be a great publisher – to do all this...and more! Our goal is to provide a route for songwriters based outside the music industry hubs to get access to the same artist placement and sync opportunities as those living in London, Nashville, LA and New York. Working on a one-to-one basis with a select roster of songwriters, Blades Music is giving a fresh new approach of music publishing based on honesty, reliability, commitment and hard work!

Who We Are...

Frank Blades is a musician, songwriter, promoter and music publisher who has been in the music industry for over 30 years. A one-time senior manager at Richard Branson's Virgin Group, Frank was also one of the founders of the award-winning Bristol-based entertainment listings company Leaving to pursue his own musical dreams, Frank has expanded his operations to help discover and develop new songwriting talent and help them achieve their ambitions.

What We Do...

Our business is song placement; placing original songs with artists looking to record them, or with music supervisors looking for that special song or instrumental to sync with their TV show, movie, advert or computer game.

I WRITE great songs!

I WANT great songs!

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