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Writing Songs For Artists ('Covers')

When pitching songs to artists and artist managers, Blades Music specialise in two genres – top quality Billboard country music, and cutting edge pop music. These two (quite different) genres are what we know about, these are the kinds of songs that we write – and this are where our contacts are.

So, keep your ears on the charts and your eyes on breaking music videos because these are the kind of songs that we will be looking to pitch. And remember, everyone is always looking for 'the next big thing', something 'exactly like what is topping the charts, only different'. The artists and their managers don't know what that is, the labels and their A&R staff don't know what that is...but we are looking for it – and you might be writing it!

If you are writing songs in other genres, we are more likely to be able to work with your songs for synchronisation placement.

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