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Writing Songs For Synchronisation

Synchronisation – or Sync, as it is know – is the placement of your songs in film soundtracks, TV shows, adverts, jingles, computer games; anywhere indeed where music is used. Here the market is very different. Any genre goes, any style can be acceptable, cutting edge modern or outrageously retro, songs or instrumentals, death metal or dance, folk songs or classical music; we can potentially place anything - whatever the music supervisors want for their next big project. Recent requests we have received include: "Road song wanted for Romcom","Something jazzy or funky, quirky and eclectic for a Commercial", "Dark Folk/Roots song required for TV show". So dig out all your old songs, you never know who might want them!

Blades Music are especially interested in Soundalikes, songs written and performed in the style of major recording artists. Can you can create a song that sounds just like the hits of Adele or Coldplay, The Beatles or Bon Jovi? These are the artists who would charge a small fortune to license their songs; but whose songs are very much in demand. If we can provide a cheaper alternative for the music supervisor on a strict budget, then your soundalike song might find a new home. And remember - music supervisors are always on a strict budget!

There are a few key rules for synchronisation. Firstly your songs MUST be recorded to broadcast quality. What you pitch will be what the music supervisor will be expecting to use. So, no rough demos or amateur home recordings; when you are pitching for sync contracts then you are playing with the professionals, and your music must be comparable with the best.

Secondly, your submission must be an original song, and you must own the rights to license the use of this song. If it is a collaboration, then permission must be given by ALL co-writers. The only exception to the 'original song' rule is where you are pitching your version of a song which is in the public domain.

And finally if your song includes any samples or beats, you must include a short note that annotates where the sample or beat came from, when you secured permission to use it and who has ownership. We will never submit songs with uncleared samples or beats.

Think you have a song for sync? Contact us!

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