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Placing Your Songs

Our business is song placement; placing original songs with artists looking to record them ('covers'), or with music supervisors looking for that special song or instrumental for their TV show, movie, advert or computer game ("sync").

Pitching for covers - The secret of song placement is timing – getting the right song to the right person at the right time. If you are too early, then your song might get forgotten, and if you are too late, then you missed the boat. And you need to have the right song for the artist - otherwise, it doesn't matter how good the song is, they aren't going to record it. And if your chosen artist writes all their own songs, there is never a good time to send them a song!

Pitching for sync - If you are pitching for sync, you need to have the right song - recorded, mastered and ready to go - when the call comes. And you never know what the 'right song' is until the music supervisors come calling.

But these people do need great songs - and if the right song gets to the right person at the right time, then everybody wins. And that is what Blades Music does!

Music Administration - Are your royalties passing you by? Don't know your PRS from your PPL? Fed up wasting valuable songwriting time with boring administration work?
Then let Blades Music will handling your music administration for you!

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